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Update July, 2022

Why SST goes up in 2022 is easy to understand even if you are not an expert in cryptro.

Check this out: 
Socialswap will soon become a usecase of CORE BLOCKCHAIN. In addition to 7 more uses cases of this Blockchain the LUNA MESH Network will have a massive impact on the entire INTERET.

Ex-Directors of Motorola and Netflix and a Co-Founder of Microsoft involved!

Watch the  LIVE DEMO video below in order to get an idea on how LUNA MESH works.


If you are reading this text, then congratulations. You are one of the first to join this great new DeFi project. We're talking about Socialswap.io. Join the fast growing community now and become part of something big.
"The best time to do something is always now" - Kurt Haberstich, author

Are you tired of KYC (Know your Customer) and co., where do you have to enter all of your data before you make your first investment? At Socialswap.io you don't have to provide any personal information, the only thing you need is a Tronlink wallet that you can create in 2 minutes. Nobody can block you or your coins.
"Not your Keys, not your Coins" - Dennis Koray, co-creator of Socialswap.io

Are you blaming yourself for not investing in Bitcoin earlier than you first heard about it? Then you now have the opportunity to do better this time. Socialswap.io is a new decentralized exchange that has been around since March 2021 and enables you to earn passive income. Yes, you heard that right, passive income or as it is called "cash flow".
"The more you make, the more you spend. Therefore, money never makes you rich, investing your money makes you rich" - Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestselling Rich Dad Poor Dad

If you invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., then do you buy your coins and then? Yes, then it's time to wait, wait and hope that the price will continue to rise in order to make a profit at some point.

Is that too boring for you? Me too. At Socialswap.io you now have the opportunity to earn your own token (socialswap token) SST every day. What that means? Very easily - If you sleep you earn SST. If you're at work, you earn SST. Yes, even when you're on vacation, you earn SST. It couldn't be better!
"There is only one way to avoid money worries and that is to plan cash flow" - Elaine Pofeldt
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